İli Su Uludag Hotel

Ilisu village of Gakh district is located 12 km north-east of Gakh city, in one of the most beautiful places of the mountains of the Main Caucasus range. The flora and fauna of the surrounding area has preserved its originality, the existing charming nature always attracts the attention of the local population of Azerbaijan and visitors. The village of Ilisu is one of the ancient settlements, located 1400 m above sea level. covers an area of hectare and provides year-round service. The complex includes a central complex building, two-story and one-story stone and wooden cottages. In the central complex building there is an office of the enterprise, a cafe with 150 seats, a disco, an internet store, etc. service stations are located. Luxury and semi-luxury hotel conditions have been created in the buildings for tourists to rest. Ilisu is very rich in terms of historical monuments. Tourist routes include Sumu Castle, ruins of ancient Albanian temples, ancient Sheki road to Kum, Likit settlements, St. George’s temple, ancient mosque, etc. walking to places is considered. From the ruins of the Shamil fortress, the Sarı-baş tower, the last settlement between us and Dagestan, can be seen. In the complex, you can take a bath in hot water, which is important for treatment.


Hotel services:

  • Therapeutic baths
  • Discotheque
  • Table tennis
  • Billiard hall
  • Football staduim
  • Volleyball and basketball court
  • Badminton
  • Tire
  • Catamaran ride
  • Playground etc


Hotel name: Ili Su Uludag

Star: 4*

City: Gakh

Address: Ilisu village, Gakh


You can contact the specified phone numbers, in case you have question or request.
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